Busy skit

Lately nie, aku agak busy sikit la sebab students nak exam, then busy marking papers lagi

So, skrg nie students tgh syok bercuti, so aku kena marking paper till 15 July cos system will be closed.
Aku kena baca lebih kurang 53 answer scripts..perghhhh pening beb..mcm2 jawapan ada…

So, alhamdulillah, semuanya dah settle hari nie..dah key in pun the grade and everything and boleh lah enjoy during the weekends.

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One Response to Busy skit

  1. Mommy Lily says:

    seronok ke jadik cikgu ek?? dulu kita cita2 nk jadi cikgu tp tk jadi gak hii

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