Regular Check-up Series 04

So, lambat sikit update psl the newcomer …sibuk sungguh la ngan keje. So after buat blood test on Saturday, we have to see the Dr Marlik la..nak tgk progress si kecil dlm perut nie..asyik lasak aje kat dlm nie…so the doc said everything was okay. This time, I still kena caesar jugak so the doc said maybe on the 13/10 la the day…hmmmm tapi mcm nak mintak tangguh la….tgk la mcm mana.

This is the baby’s face..looks like mcm Danish sikit la…lelaki or perempuan, we all tak nak tahu.

But, the doctor dah pesan kat i…baby i nie dah nearly 1.8kg padahal baru nak masuk 8 bulan…alamak…besar lagi la tu.

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One Response to Regular Check-up Series 04

  1. lily lotus says:

    wahh..beraya dgn baby barulah..*_*

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