Congratulations Lisha

Aryanna Arwen Johanabas binti Azrin Haris

Date of Birth : 31 August 2008

Time of Birth : 1.38 pm

Weight at Birth : 2.85kg

My friend, Lisha just selamat melahirkan anak sulungnya on 31st August…she will sharing a same birthday ngan Daddy Jack.

Next month…turn aku plak…huhuhuhu

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3 Responses to Congratulations Lisha

  1. lily lotus says:

    sedapnya nama newborn baby ni..congrates to the parents 😉

  2. lisha says:

    thanks, gina! tak sangka you put it in ur blog. hahha. gila glamer anak aku. and btw, i didnt know jack’s birthday is on merdeka day. in any case, happy belated birthday to him.

  3. lisha says:

    sorry, lupa..good luck to you next month. i pray you & baby will do great and be safe during the delivery.

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