Baju Raya

This entry if from connection not so good la. Before balik Kuantan smlm, we all pack..nasib baik empat nak mengambik gambar our baju raya collection.

This pyjamas we all bought for Danish at Parkson. Pyjamas die dah lama tak tukar, so alang2 nak raya nie, belilah skali.

Another set of pyjamas from Mothercare..this time its Manchester United pyjamas.

This shirt is from Marks & Spencer…first time beli kat sana…

Shirts from GAP Kids

Pants from Levi’s and also from GAP Kids

This is aku punya collection…hasil dari pilihan suami

Set 01 – from Mother Club at Mid Valley

Blouse from ModernMum KLCC..nie beli satu, harga biasa tapi bila beli 2nd purchase dapat lah less 50%

Blouse nie we all gi beli kat SOGO masa gi Jalan TAR tu…nampak cantiklah plak from Mother Club jugak.

Last but not last, tshirt from MikiMom..basically I like this brand during my pregnancy..selesa weiii pakainya.

As for Daddy Jack, pants from Levi’s and shirt from GAP also shoes from Timberland..tak sempat nak shoot gambarnya.

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