My Challenge

Last week, Daddy Jack make one announcement : ” Im give u THREE months for you to slim down and I’ll fullfil all your wishes “

On Saturday, we all berdua dok riki-riki the slimming centre somewhere at Mid Valley..why we choose here its because kat sini I think banyak sikit pilihan. Kak KLCC, just ada Marie France and some more tak ader tempat leisure for kids. So, kalau kat MV, while waiting for my treatment, Daddy Jack boleh bawak the kids to the indoor playground takpun kalau just the two of us, he’ll watch the movie at Signature GSC.

Mayfair pun boleh tahan jugak the package…hmmmm

Kak Red suggest me to this place…no wonder la becouse the colour is RED, kan. Hehehehe. So far, Daddy Jack and I dah agree ngan this one slimming centre and it costs us a lot…boleh buat downpayment kereta tu. Demi menyahut cabaran itu, I sanggup…

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7 Responses to My Challenge

  1. Real Woman says:

    cool!! i wanted to try but a lot yg dah try kata membazir duit becoz in the end, you still hv to watch what u eat..hmm…but i mmg teruja nak try london weight ni and also slim world..we'll see..:) nanti update yr results tau!

  2. ElaiRa says:

    gud luck! update us if you gain ur dream weight! kalu berjaya, boleh cuba…wahahaha

  3. syoknyaa…daddy jack tak nak ker taja i sekali..muahahaha..aku terpaksa laa cut makan jaa..huhuhu

  4. Elyn says:

    wow gina beruntung nyer u…. x sabar plak i nk tgk u slim….. hehe

  5. lily lotus says:

    makin hotlah u pasnih

  6. LiLa says:

    Good Luck to U! Before slim dapat coach…Kalau slim minta LV pulak tau! My SIL pernah try marie france…But whatever routine yg centre tu buat, we still must watch our diet! Tu yg dia takleh tahan tu…But I tahu U will!

  7. Gina says:

    Terima kasih di atas semua sokongan kawan-kawan semua…I'll try my best to slim down

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