Party Shop

When we want to have a birthday party, normally we all akan pegi ke kedai ini..The Party Shop at Ikano.

A lots of pinata ada kat sini, the prize ikut saiznya dan juga design. Kalau tak silap, the price tu start from RM50 and above.

The small token for the children untuk diletakkan dalam goodies bag like wisel, clapping hands and so on.

Even the costumes pun ada jugak. The Halloween is just around the corner, kan so mmg banyaklah collection untuk costume ada kat sini.

The decorations for birthday like banner, candles semuanya ada kat sini. Well, if u plan to have a birthday party, u need to spend la sikit kan.

Nie yang paling tak tahan…the plates and also the cups, siap ada tema die. If you nak buat the boys punya theme, pilih ajelah yang mana samada CARS theme, football theme, sports atau apa sahaja even the Transformer pun ada jugak. Rambang mata ooooo.

Daddy Jack aim yang ini as Danish next birthday…hmmm sempatlah simpan duit yer

Cute huh for a girl birthday bash

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