Student Project

One subject for final students will be Student Project dimana students have to come out with a project and mini report. Before do the projects the students should defend their proposal. Some of the topic really interesting and Im eager for their findings.

This students, their project has something to do with magazines advertising

Facebook and its implication

I tak berapa ingatlah tajuk for this group..maybe something about technology

Im looking forward for this group’s findings. They do something about children and the television. Danish mmg kuat betul tengok tv especially cartoon. Entah mcmana, sekarang nie dok sibuk tgk football channel. takut la cos some peoples said that pengaruh tv on childrens mmg besar.

This group buat something about PR

The accessor, garang oooo. Hentam jangan tak hentam. Ala, bukannya hentam apa pun, just nak tunjuk mana yang betul dan mana yang salah. Jangan la ambik hati pulak. We’re in learning process la.

Bebudak yang dibawah pengawasan I….so far semua tajuk-tajuk yang they all nak buat tu agak senang nak dimonitor.

My boys. Depa nie buat tajuk about the reality tv..maybe Akademi Fantasia

Sian die…sampai tertido-tido. Lewat tido la tu cos pulun dok buat assignment nie yer

My girls…depa nie dok buat tajuk about Facebook and Twitter, mana satu yang lagi berkesan in terms of communication.

Good luck, girls.

Group photos

Same batch tapi lain group. Depa nie pun dibawah pengawasan I tapi I tak berkesampatan nak masuk for their presentation cos Im a bit busy sikit kat office.

Ada macam Shah Rukh Khan tak ?

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6 Responses to Student Project

  1. Elyn says:

    rock la dpt lecturer cam u ni gina!!

  2. ok nak komen yang shah rukh tu jer….!!!HAAH LAAAA.. SEDARA KAH?:D

  3. lily lotus says:

    uish..aah ada iras shah rukh khan..hoho

  4. ~feasy~ says:

    puan ginamalu laa

  5. Izzah Ahmad says:

    pn gina, ktorg ader proposed nak wat children and premier league… coz my brother yg standard 3 pun gile footballtp xapproved by en nazri and en azrul 😦 hehehe

  6. BoeyJoey says:

    Haha… he does look like Shah Rukh Khan :-DBtw, I'm hosting a monthly giveaway of $200 US cash at Very easy to participate; go check it out!

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