Satu dah sudah, tinggal lagi dua

Well, dah lama I tak update cos busy with students yang nak dekat final nie. Tinggal lagi 2 minggu so students mmg sibuk dengan final presentation. For subject ICT, ada 3 groups..satu dah lepas, tggl lagi 2 yang akan menyusul minggu depan.

Its a group’s work so taklah lama nak menunggu untuk they all present. The first group is Cupcakes Girl. They came out with a very good presentation. Tapi kesian they all nie, tgh-tgh buat presentation ada pulak kejadian yang tak diingini berlaku..tikus masuk kelas and the class jadi huru hara. I’ll tell about this later cos I need the evidence from my student.

This group cover about birthday and event..The Kiddish

This group focused about homestay. I wish that one day nak try duduk homestay esp orang asli untuk mendalami kehidupan orang asli tu dari segi budaya dan juga seni.

Cinderella group. I wish I had a daughter..bila they all present, feel like being a little girl

Fashionista people. They all look cute together, isn’t ?

This group also cover about fashion. Fashion really impress me

Currypuff girls…kebetulan masa they all present, its a lunch time, so semua students tengok karipap semuanya mcm sedap. Karipap adalah kuih yang paling sedap tapi nak buatnya especially the kelim one, mmg azablah.

The last group..Music group..although the member hanya berdua, tapi they can come out with a nice work. Congratulations, students for all the effort and hardwork to make this presentation worked well even though ada kejadian yang tak diingini dan agak melucukan terjadi yer.

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2 Responses to Satu dah sudah, tinggal lagi dua

  1. atty's says:

    comey2 jew semua student..

  2. Eikha says:

    Kenapaaaaa Aiezat senyum like that? Hahaha.

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