Yer…Im too busy marking the students answer scripts…nearly 150 pax..memang meletihkan tambahan pulak dengan jawapan-jawapan yang memeningkan kepala which is later I’ll reveal about it. I never imagine that this students boleh came up with that kinda answers. I tahu ada a few of us yang selalu terima emails psl karangan budak darjah enam la dll, but to me, itu mmg betul. Kalau budak darjah enam tu maybe kiter boleh terima, nie budak-budak taraf diploma, mmg tak faham.

So, bila semua dah settle, we have to attend the exam meeting untuk membentangkan all the marks and result for students.

and I’ve done key in the marks in the system….finally

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2 Responses to Akhirnya

  1. Eikha says:

    WHAT?! WHY SO SOON?!??!?!

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