Doc Marten

Semasa jalan-jalan dalam Orchard Central nie, we bumped into this shop…Dr Marten or Doc Mart..OMG, Rasa macam nak pengsan. I’ve been dying to cari this butik KL tapi mmg dah tak ada and this shop baru aje bukak kat Singapore…oooohhhhhh.

I still remember my dad belikan my first boot lebih kurang 15 years ago kat JB…my first Mary Jane. I pakai tak sampai setahun cos after that hilang dikebas pencuri. Then after that, Daddy Jack pulak belikan untuk I, well masa tu we all belum kahwin lagi and now after 2 kids, I jumpa the boutique right in front of my eyes !!!!!.

This brand also from UK. Well, a few people mengaitkan this boot with punk and skinheads. Well, Im NOT one of them and I dont support any of the group or clan. The reason why I felt in love with this boots, well it reminds me masa zaman kanak-kanak dulu bila my mum and dad akan pakaikan this type of Mary Jane shoes with a high socks and it looks cute. I still have some memories of it and that’s the reason why I really like Mary Jane shoes.

Yeah, when you wear this boot, you feel like a queen…hahahahah

The latest and limited edition of the boots

Nice one….so colourful but Im not in to these la. Daddy Jack said it looks cute if Im wear one of those…if Daddy Jack willing to pay for it, maybe I pakailah.

Sandal and slippers…thought of having these one also, but maybe next time or another visit to this boutique.

Tak tahan dengan godaan dan suara-suara halus dari all these boots, I’ve decided to have one as my Mary Jane collection. But I tak bayar, Daddy Jack la. Dia yang pegang all the money.

Me and my new boot…

Danish the Menace with the scooter

Here it is…my new boot, ANTHENA EMILY…welcome to the family

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4 Responses to Doc Marten

  1. Liza says:

    gina, you dah kurus!!! nampak slim lah!!!

  2. gdsjht says:

    eeeeeeeeee dengkinyaaa!

  3. Eikha says:

    Niceeeeeeeeeee. Suara-suara halus dan godaan eh? Haha.

  4. Hazzel says:

    kan? me oso nak cakap benda yg sama. kak geena dah nmpk slim giler. bestnyaa!!!

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