Jalan-jalan Malaysia-Singapura

Cuti sempena Christmas lepas, we all decided to go back to Daddy Jack’s hometown JB to visit his grandma yang tak berapa sihat and sambil-sambil tu nak la pergi bercuti. Actually, mmg we all decided that everytime when end of the year, Singapore is a place that we SHOULD visit. Last year, we went there with my family and this year, his family pun nak ikut jugak.

We all masuk Singapore on Christmas Day itself. Well, mula-mula tu takut jugaklah kalau-kalau ada shopping malls yang tak bukak tapi after we asked around some of the Singaporean peoples, they said that most of it still buka and even buat overtime lagi…hmmm I like.

Sebelum masuk, kena tukar duit siap-siap….hmmm, nak tgk jugaklah berapa banyak yang kiter akan laburkan di sana…hahahhah.

On the first day, we decided to explore half of the Orchard Road dulu…yes…Orchard Road tu mmg panjang like KLCC to Sungei Wang, maybe and the shopping malls were all the road. Kalau you rajin, you akan masuk satu shopping malls to another like we do…hehehehe. We found out that ada 3 new shooping malls along the Orchard Road. One of it is Orchard Central. Well, Daddy Jack lagi advanced dari I, okay. He been searching for sports outlet in the whole Singapore and he found this shop. Giler…

This shop jual all the footballer figurine as a collector and also some quite funny T-shirt and football jersey.

Well, maybe next time, kalau kiter pegi mana-mana, I ingat nak cari tempat yang mmg tak ada langsung tempat kedai-kedai sukan nie. Any suggestion ?

Sementara Daddy Jack and Danish the Menace melayan kedai-kedai sukan tu, I bumped into this cute shop called More Than Words…well its like a gift shop where all the cute stuffs like mugs, soft toys dijual disini. Got a few things here for my friends.

After Orchard Central, we strolled along the Orchard Road to another shopping mall. Tapi cuaca mcm tak mengizinkan sebab mcm nak hujan so we just pegi shopping mall yang dekat with our parking so tak payah nak tunggu sampai hujan berhenti.

To Do list in front one of the shopping mall di mana para pengunjung boleh menulis apa resolution die untuk tahun 2010, cool is it ?

Me, my maid, Ika and my brother in law, Alan on the way nak balik ke JB semula

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