Another collection

Well, as usual, Daddy Jack asked me want I want for my birthday…tak cakap banyak dan taknak pilih-pilih, just naik kereta then off to Pavillion.

I think Daddy Jack pun dah agak dah..we all terus aje menuju ke sini.

New Peyton Signature Sateen shoulder bag

Cuba-cuba mana yang berkenan..geramnya. Rasa mcm nak beli dua-dua la

New Peyton Canvas OP Art

This section is all new arrival on new year’s eve…hot from the oven

New arrival jugak tapi Daddy Jack tak berapa berkenan cos mcm orang tua punya design katanya.

Their latest shoes collection. OMG, I should have this one also

I think I selesa sikit ngan staff at Pavillion nie although sometime they all ada sikit kiasu mcm Kak Red kena dulu. I really like the way this guy, Khairul treated me. Banyak benda yang die revealed kat I especially mcmana kiter nak detect whether the handbags tu ori ke tak from COACH. Nice info, thanks man.

Finally, another collection of mine for 2010

Peyton Canvas OP Art in Silver Bone. Daddy Jack asked to find a matching wallet tapi belum keluar lagilah, maybe later yer

I love my COACH so damn much…mucho gracias, Daddy Jack !!!

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3 Responses to Another collection

  1. Liza says:

    very nice…I loike!!!

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