Starbucks now halal…and I’m ZIONIS free

Our first date for 2010, a very quick one. Just lepak Starbucks at One Utama aje. Dah lama giler tak lepak sini. For the dinner, just had the finger sandwich yang sungguh sedap.

With his new baby..sampai tak sedarkan I yang turut bersama-sama di situ.

Yahooooo !!!!! Now, Starbucks is HALAL and siap ada nombor reference from JAKIM lagi. Kenapa I suka sangat…well, ada cerita di sebalik kes ini. Before this, I memang suka sangat dengan Starbucks especially the Iced Chocolate and Chocolate Cream Chip. One day, me and my officemates nak keluar lunch and we said that maybe lepak Starbucks..tetiba ada pulak la sorang Hamba Allah nie siap cakap yang Starbucks tu tak halal and she even cakap yang I nie ZIONIS….well, hello. Now, you tak boleh bising-bisng yer. Nanti, tak pasal-pasal, I tepek resit Starbucks yang ada logo halal tu kat dahi die….hahahahah.

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3 Responses to Starbucks now halal…and I’m ZIONIS free

  1. atty's says:

    ah ..shedapnya air tu ..

  2. Eikha says:

    Haaaa jeng jeng jeng, hahaha.

  3. Salam…How are helping israelis killing one muslim with one drink from the is not cool,ten gazzillions food u can actually eat..but instead you choose this zionist company.please,please,please open your eyes.

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