Tahniah ! Semuanya sudah selamat….

Tahniah tu my 3rd sister kerana telah selamat melangsungkn majlis pertunangannya semalam. The event was a blast, siap dengan hujan yang turun dengan lebatnya dan juga diiringi dengan badut. Will update about it later….

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2 Responses to Tahniah ! Semuanya sudah selamat….

  1. Salam, wuz googling for the best candy store in town and apparently came across yours. Nice, colourful and worth reading. And upon reading your blog, it seems that we have so many things in common. Well, a Capricorn is always a Capricorn. All the best to you and congrats to your sister for her engagement. Chow and wassalam

  2. atty's says:

    tahniah..utk adik gina..

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