Akhirnya, kini pasti

Remember this entry and this ? Well, my whole life start to tremble since 15 January 2010 selepas Daddy Jack dapat another offer for his PhD. Since we all tak dapat US because of some internal problems in the university level, so Daddy Jack decided untuk masuk local uni which is UM. He even dah register as a student tetiba, his faculty asked him to sambung pulak kat Australia. Entah kenapa, kali nie masing-masing agreed to go there,actually its for kebaikan anak-anak untuk gain new experiences.

We’ll be in Adelaide for about 4 years. kira balik Malaysia nanti, Danish the Menace dah 9 tahun and Ryan the Lion is will be 5 years old. Sempatlah they all sekolah kat sana. As for me, I ambik cuti tanpa gaji selama 3 tahun. Tapi tak apa, ada allowance from the uni for kids and spouse.

Daddy Jack will be studying at UniSA in Magill Campus. So far, from all the feedbacks yang we all dapat, memang ramai orang Melayu di sini and they all willing to help us out kat sana in terms of cari rumah sewa dan lain-lain. I’ll blog about this later……

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10 Responses to Akhirnya, kini pasti

  1. atty's says:

    congrats..for daddy jack ..and gina too..

  2. gud luck utk akak n daddy jack ye..

  3. congrats to both of u..:)…something that should not be missing kan…..

  4. adenium says:

    congratulation gina and famili… and Dr-jack-to be

  5. seronoknya dapat duk oversea.nanti boleh laa share pengalaman kat sana k.keep update your blog!!!

  6. lisha says:

    congrats gina! so happy for you and the kids. australia is so much fun! i stayed there for 2 months je pun i remember the whole experience till now. eh, kalau u takde, rasanya unisel nak cari lecturer nak ganti u tak? i tngh nak cari keja baru nih. hahah.

  7. Keanorlinsya says:

    Okay, Kak Lisha jangan buat kelakar. Its awkward enough that 1 lecturer is a distant aunt, a cousin in the faculty? HehehhehehehePuan G, you know my thoughts about this. I guess, see you soon? =PInsyaAllah.

  8. Liza says:

    congrats…it will surely be a good experience to you and family

  9. LiLa says:

    Enjoy ur new life at Oz 🙂 Memang UiTM still tak bagi ke UK @ Europe ke Gina?

  10. m scribbles says:

    I bet it will be so much fun for the children 🙂

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