Dah lama we all tak keluar dating since January rasanya. After that, our life dah jadi tunggang langgang psl Aussie things to. Masa lunch, we all keluar kejap sebab nak tgk our crib at Setia Alam tu. Then singgah jap kat Tesco Setia Alam untuk beli barang-barang sikit.

We had Kenny’s for our lunch and the chicken mmg terbaik la compare to other outlets. I don’t know la, maybe ianya terlalu awal and the chicken quite fresh sikit tapi mmg sedap sangat-sangat. I ambik yang promotion and the taste mcm ala-ala Nando’s jugak.

Muka keletihan all because of this Aussie things yang membuatkan I fikir dan fikir……

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One Response to Dating

  1. nadja says:

    wah wah sedap nyer kak.. terliur dah nih tgk lunch tuh..

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