Jatuh Cinta

I know that Im not a teenager anymore, and supposed I tak perlulah nak berlagak untuk menjadi remaja semula but I couldn’t help myself to really into this tv series…GOSSIP GIRLS.

Masa zaman remaja dulu, I always love Beverly Hills 90210, kadang-kadang Ibu marah I tengok cerita-cerita mcm tu…heheheh. But this series is different. Maybe because Im a lecturer, and I need to be part of my students.

I like all the characters. They have their own styles, Kalau bab fashion, jangan cakaplah,,so superb and the hairdo and also the make up…so in 2 it.

So semalam, end of season 3 here in Adelaide. What a sad/boring/suprised ending. Tak sabar nak tunggu for season 4 somewhere in September 2010.

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4 Responses to Jatuh Cinta

  1. atty's says:

    hehhehehe…gina kty yg dah tua nie pun still layan cerita2 remaja nie ..syiok..

  2. x pernah lagi tgk citer ni..

  3. mummysyafie says:

    psstt…i pun layan gak citer ni. huhuhu..tak bleh tahan kan. takpe..janji fikiran matang ok..

  4. Liza says:

    i love gossip girl too, but the show air too late at night lah

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