Die hard fan- England is the Champion

Since dulu lagi, I will always support England bila World Cup or Euro Cup. So far, belum pernah mengelat nak sokong others team. Biarlah orang kata England team pondan ker, tak bagus ker well, I tak kisah.

For this year, England is in Group C with USA, Algeria and Slovenia. Well, tak pastilah tahun nie macam mana after banyak sangat kejadian like Ferdinand kena balik sebab injured, then Beckham pun sama. But after a game ngan USA, and ended up seri 1-1, me and Daddy Jack buat conclusion that the England goalie mmg a loser since dulu lagi. England tak ada a good goalie la.

Nie line up team before World Cup. Hope that you will be better, this year. Please bring the cup to England like 1966. Make me proud of wearing 3 Lions jersey

“That England’s gonna
Throw it away
Gonna blow it away
But I know they can play
Cos’ I remember

Three lions on the shirt
Jules Rimet still gleaming
30 Years of hurt
Never stoppped me dreaming”

Hope that England will be the host for 2018. They will be against Australia untuk jadi host. I memang berazam, kalau England dapat jadi Host for World Cup, we all akan ke sana, watching the best game ever in real. Fingers cross, ya

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