Ben10 is coming

Before this, mcm pernah nampak psl Ben10 nak datang malaysia dalam paper, tapi tak ingat bile. Bila ckp ngan Daddy Jack, he said just check la the time and date. Tapi I mcm lupa kat mana. Bila pegi Toys R Us, ternampaklah this flyers and yessss…the BEN10 Team will coming to Malaysia this 27-29 November 2009 at KL Convention Centre.

Tapi…bile tgkkan tarikh die tu, rasanya jatuh waktu Raya Haji and rasanya me and the whole family akan balik Kuantan…ala, mcm mana nie….dah janji ngan Danish and also this is the first time pulak tu the team nak datang Malaysia. Tengok la mcmana yer.

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